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Random Province Drabbles
Get Away
He couldn't exactly get angry, he reminded himself as he loaded the gear into his canoe.  He hadn't told anybody that he wanted anything, after all, and it wasn't as if they wouldn't be used to him being quiet in meetings.
Not that it wasn't on them, too.  They were family after all, and even if they were selfish fucks they could have at least looked at a calendar.  His Dad would have chided him, though, for expecting anything that he hadn't gone out of his way to make happen.  He really should have told them straight, considering it was so important.
The only way he could think to take the lead made things artificial.  He'd rather nothing at all happened, he supposed, than to force anybody into being courteous.
Ilan settled for being disappointed, instead.
He'd spent the time to pack three people's worth of gear, in the open invitation he'd put out for decades to join him canoe camping.  They would paddle out
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Random State Drabbles
The fork jabbed, more roughly than intended, into the steak, and with a few quick saws a good-sized chunk had been removed.  The blood had begun to pool out of the meat by the time Lloyd had brought it to his mouth and begun to chew.
Oliver winced and returned to his salad.
The two of them didn't mind working with one another, on a professional level.  Lloyd was an expert on logistics, which made the life of a manufacturer infinitely easier, and together their projects were done in a timely manner.
Beyond that, there was so little common ground that they often found themselves disgusted with the other.  And that was a non-issue, for the most part.  Lloyd didn't enjoy the company of pretty well anyone he worked with.  After hours, he grabbed his coat and disappeared until the next morning.  Oliver wasn't much better, and when they came back together in the morning they were refreshed enough to start again.
That w
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Baby AU: Snip
It'd taken a 'business lunch' at one of New York's finest fusion restaurants to finally drag out of Alex what had so clearly been bothering him all morning.  Even then, he'd needed to toy about with his soup for a long while before he'd speak.
"Jane's pregnant again," Alex grumbled around spoonfuls.  "We'd hoped she'd missed because she was so stressed over her current project, but no such luck."
Oliver gave him a sympathetic smile.  "So then this is the last one?"
"The absolute last one," Alex said, forcefully.  "I know we said that with Irena, but…" He sighed and slumped a bit.  "She wants me to be positive about it."
"So… you're due…?" Oliver asked with a raised brow.
"Next Saturday."  He sipped his wine, and shook his head as he placed it back.  "I took Monday off just in case."
""I always heard it was a rather quick recovery."
"It is," Alex told him.  "But I've seen that limp. 
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Souped Up
Matthew hated the fact that he'd become accustomed to answering when he heard his brother's name.  "Arthur… my name isn't…" He stopped short with a yelp when his ear was grabbed roughly.
"I told you that you aren't allowed outside of Olympic Village for the rest of the night!"
He sneered when Matthew struggled against the hold.  "You can be out with normal people when you learn to act like a normal person, and not a minute before!"  Arthur led Matthew like a child, and unceremoniously dumped him back behind the gate.  "Stay there this time!"
Matthew grumbled as the gate was locked behind him, and headed back to the Canadian section of the housing.  He hadn't been able to finish his dinner, but maybe he'd figure out a way to get delivery…
He froze, irritably, as he found the pair who'd doubtlessly been responsible for his being dragged back.  Unfortunately, he found them crouching and doing something to
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AU: Coalesce
The bed in the room he'd rented was far wider than anything Oliver had become used to.  He'd always been given a single, or something just a bit more than that, between inns and the monastery.  Nothing this extravagant, for sure.
It was a marital bed, which he supposed was appropriate given the circumstances.
Hours before, when they'd tricked ogres into accepting non-payment for information, Jean had beamed at his own cleverness.  He'd smirked and strutted about until, and as, he was given the praise he felt that he'd deserved.  But, as they reached toward the town they'd stop at for the night, he began to grow quiet.  His feet dragged him to the back of the group.
There was a pale-faced nod, when Oliver had looked back to confirm a single bed for them.  Since then, absent of all the confidence he'd used to have, he'd disappeared into the city.
Perhaps they'd rushed into this, but Oliver wasn't sure how they could ever manage
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Baby AU: True Colors
Ilan's eyes went wide.
It was finally his birthday and, after months of asking, his fathers had agreed that they would take a trip out to Sport Check to buy him his first jersey.  Not that they had minded, of course.  Ilan was six, and it was high time he proved which of the teams they'd tried so hard to get him to love had won out.
It would have been lovely if he'd ran straight to one or the other, but it seemed that seeing so many rows of jerseys, particularly ones his size, had put him into a bit of a shock.
"Now, Ilan," Oliver said with a polite, if cool, smile to Jean.  "Remember that you can pick any team you want."
"Any team at all," Jean agreed, who gave a look back just as icy.  "Go with your favorite."  He tried, subtly, to lead them away from the massive Leafs display.
Had he his way, they would have gone to Montreal for the weekend so at least the selection wouldn't have been so blue.  Ilan had been very insistent,
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Jane Drabbles
Allez Cuisine
Jean and Alex had already come and gone before Jane was finally asked up to Toronto.  Oliver hadn't admitted it above a mutter, so she had to assume that their attempts had gone just as well as she'd figured they would have.  By the recipes which had been discarded in a drawer one had decided to begin with crepes, and the other ravioli.  Jane was sure they'd refused to consider these might not be the best dishes for a novice.
Oliver looked at her with a mix of nerves and relief as she put the grocery bag down and said "Let's start the cooking lessons with grilled cheese, okay?"
He nodded, hesitantly.  "That's easy enough, right?"
"Very easy, it's like three steps."
Oliver shot a look to the drawer, where the printouts listed the sauces alone to have fifteen.  "I think I can handle three."
Jane smiled more broadly.  "I know you can.  Now why don't you butter four pieces of bread?"
He could at leas
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Oli/Alex Drabbles: 3
Oliver stood back, as far as he could without being too rude, to get away from the smell of grease.
Sometimes the smell of meat made his mouth water horribly, and curse the fact he hadn't been able to stomach it in over a century.  But other times it was a safe haven, like for example when Alex wanted nothing but a hot dog from a truck for lunch.
For having arguably the best palate Oliver had ever known (he said 'arguably' because, despite the cigarettes wreaking havoc, Jean would refuse to hear it), his tastes swung wildly from James Beard awards to more grease than actual food.
"Are you happy now?" Oliver asked.
Alex bit his way through a mound of sauerkraut and onions and nodded eagerly.  "You have no idea what you're missing."
"Yeah, I'm sure," he said, eying the food.  "And in the mean time, I get nothing."
He rolled his eyes.  "I promised I'd get you lunch and I will.  Just give me a moment."
They headed off throug
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AU: Wrench 1-5
Oliver had given the shift over to Joel when his turn was complete, and then Joel handed it off to Jean.  Jean would have shoved it upon Ilan, were the shifter inclined at all to obey an order from anybody other than Oliver.  And since Oliver angrily refused to join him for a second shift, despite his best efforts, Jean was left to grumble his way to sunrise.
He was in a full-on pout by the time Oliver woke up for his prayers and Ilan trotted off to find breakfast.
Jean glared him down when Oliver finally stood.  "What'd you mean last night?"
"What do you think I meant?" he asked.  Oliver laughed a bit to himself as he gathered sticks for the fire.  "I'd thought I was plain enough, especially for a guy who likes playing mind games with everybody."
"I want to hear you say it straight," Jean told him, firmly.
Oliver might have, if Ilan hadn't picked that moment to come back with a goose dangling from his mouth.  He dropped it,
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Baby AU: Baby Bump (1-3)
Ilan was screaming again, which was nothing new.  His face had steadily moved past the same red as his hair, and into a purplish, undoubtedly out of hunger and exhaustion.  But he refused to eat and sleep, so what on Earth did he expect Jean to do about it?
The closest he could get to comfort was to rock and bounce the infant, in between annoyed swears toned like a lullaby.  He'd offer a bottle, to be quickly denied, periodically when they wandered over to the kitchen.
He was going to die on his night shift, but at least he had the joys of a screaming, horrible baby to comfort him.  Or, rather, the knowledge that his beloved fiancé's night would be spent with it would be enough to get him through.
Oliver had taken him out to their favorite restaurant.  It was a Tuesday, and certainly not an anniversary where they would have spent so much on dinner, so really Jean should have known that something was up.
"There was a car crash," O
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Mother Hen: 1-3
"That's the last of it," the ferrier said as he put the bags down on the bank.  "I think $40 should cover it."
Oliver's smile became slightly more strained as he pulled his wallet out to pay.  Usually the trip to Ilan's home was $15, maybe.  But with the flooding… He couldn't really complain, especially when nobody else had been willing to take him so far out of the way.  He waved as his transport sailed off, and then dragged his bags up the hill.
His arms burned by the time Oliver put them on the porch and knocked at the door.  He rubbed at them for the few minutes it took for it to sluggishly pull open.
Ilan looked at him hazily.  His hair was plastered to his pale forehead, dark as the bags which grew under his eyes.  "Yeah?" he asked with a sniffle.  "What'd you want?"
"What do you think I want?" Oliver asked.  "You can't take care of yourself, so I came over."  He rubbed his
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AU: Joel in AU Land
Nova Scotia didn't understand why he always let his family talk him into heading out to places like this.  But, then, he'd never thought they were Renaissance faire kind of people in the first place.  Even if it was something to fill an afternoon.
He would have said no, but Bonnie'd always loved those big sleeves.  Her eyes had sparkled when they'd suggested it, and he couldn't very well not go with them.
That'd been how many hours ago, because he'd woken up in the middle of nowhere.  It was forested, and didn't sound like they were a few minutes from the highway as the fairgrounds had.  He couldn't find any signs of people, actually, which meant he'd wandered considerably further than he'd believed.
But, then, he'd woken up with the taste of stale whiskey in his mouth and what he was sure was a purple bruise on his forehead.  He'd certainly gotten himself into worse situations with less encouragement, so he wasn't surprised a
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Flare (2 of 3)
Alex had shown up with a bit of a cough, as he always had when the stock market was doing poorly. He'd brushed it off as dust from the train, but Jane knew better. With Chicago, the rest of the country had dipped. Nationwide, and possibly beyond that, people were out of work because she hadn't responded to a small fire fast enough.
It made her feel so much better to find that the man who'd traveled so far to comfort her had been made ill from it.
Jane tried to at least brew him coffee after his trip, but Alex shooed her off to the sitting room so that he could take care of it.
Her heel tapped as she waited, not sure what exactly she should start with. Alex certainly wanted concrete numbers, but he seemed content to beat around the bush for a while and pretend that he wasn't interested in that. He really did seem eager to comfort her, so should she play along with that or just hand him what he'd come for?
Jane had made her decision by the time Alex came in with the tray.
"We've found 82
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Flare (1 of 3)
It'd taken a spark in a barn just out of town.  Nobody was sure what exactly had caused it, and of course nobody was willing to confess, but somewhere a spark had led to an ember which had turned to an inferno.  The flames traveled on high winds, and greedily ate up the desiccated wood.
It'd taken nearly a century to build Chicago from a settlement to a thriving hub.  It'd taken only about two days to bring so much of it to a smoldering heap.
Nobody was sure, even, how bad it was.  The ground was still too hot to examine,  and it would be for a few days at least.  Jane had to stand outside the perimeter to survey the damage her understaffed and exhausted fire department had been embarrassingly unable to prevent.
Jane watched the steam rise in thick curls, thanks to the light rain and soft winds which had slowed and eventually stopped the blaze.   She could hope that maybe this drizzle was the beginning of the en
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Tank Tetralogy
Schrodinger vs. the Fish
Schrodinger's favorite sitter, when his human refused to appreciate that he wasn't allowed to leave, was a woman with long hair.  Her home was filled with interesting smells and things to climb on, and he'd never met anybody else who prepared his meals as well or scratched as accurately as his human before or since.
His human was a little stupid, but at least he'd begun to catch on to that.  It was still unfortunately rare, though, that he'd be sent with just her.  But, at least, she was apt to show up when he was sent to his second choice.
The shorter man smelled exactly like the tall man would if he wasn't constantly surrounded by smoke.  This one's method was more to do as he liked, while guests did as they liked, and that was a vast improvement from the sitters who refused to keep their hands off him.  That wasn't why Schrodinger tolerated him, though.
All around the shorter man's home were gigantic b
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Tutoring (1-5)
When you were rich enough, it seemed, you'd happily pay through the nose for absolutely anything.  The water they drank was imported, the clothes they wore doubled in price because of a tag on the collar, and now they lay around in mud and grass for thousands.
Jane wanted to shake them, but Gwen at least was covering the tab.  Maybe, with cost out of her mind, she could figure out why on Earth this was popular.
So far, it was squishy and cold.
"So, I guess hockey is still a thing."
Jane's eyebrow twitched, and deep within the mud her nails clenched into her palm.  The people who gave her a manicure later would probably complain because they always found reasons.
"Did you know?  You're always into this sports stuff, aren't you?" Gwen asked, her eyes closed calmly despite the reaction she very well knew she was getting.
She took a deep breath, and was glad her mouthed swears weren't able to be seen.  "Yeah, I kinda did."
"Well, accordin
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